My Dear Friend, Steve Crosno

What can I say that I haven’t said on other websites dedicated to  Steve?  He was one of my best friends since 1964.  We talked every
week by phone, and I’m trying to keep the good and funny memories in mind.  I’ve been mourning is passing for three days now, but it does help to read all the wonderful things that are being said about my dear friend.  A big thanks should go to Manny Rivera who started this website and worked all night to set it up.  May God bless him.  May God also watch over Steve, his family, his friends, and his listeners.  There are too many stories about Steve to tell.  I’ll try to get the best ones together and come back to tell you about them.  Please know that Steve loved doing his shows as much as you enjoyed listening to them.  I’ll miss him terribly, but I know God is taking
good care of him, and Steve is now at peace with no more pain.  Te adoro, Steve!!!!

Laura from Chicago

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